SPE-SAS 2015 June Dinner Meeting

Guests taking their seats at the SPE-SAS 2015 June Dinner Meeting.
Guests taking their seats at the SPE-SAS 2015 June Dinner Meeting.

On the 15th of June 2015, SPE-KSA held their 7th and final technical dinner meeting for this term (2014-2015). The guest speaker Mr. Hans-Christian (HC) Freitag, Vice President of Integrated Technology for Baker Hughes, delivered a talk entitled “The Energy Enigma”.

In his role, Mr. Freitag is responsible for developing and commercializing integrated, multi-product line technology portfolios to address client needs related to production and technology.

The talk kicked off at around 7:00PM where Mr. Muhammad Al-Muslem gave  the opening speech. Mr. Bandar Al-Khamies, SPE-KSA chairman, was then invited on stage and he highlighted the achievements that SPE-KSA has been able to accomplish this term. He quotes Mr. Jeff Miller of Halliburton stating that “This is the most vibrant section in the world”.

After the highlights and a video put together by SPE-KSA’s media team, Mr. Freitag took the stage and talked about the enigma between energy and technology. Several key points were discussed including service companies investing more in research centers, the volatility of oil prices over the past 20 or 30 years, efficient wells, optimized production, enhanced oil recovery, innovation, integration, automation, 3D modelling, big data, organising this big data to provide useful knowledge/information, and finally efficiently managing this knowledge so future generations do not make the same past mistakes made by previous generations. Mr. Freitag also further stresses the need for alignment between service companies and operators to combat these current issues facing the energy industry.

The talk concluded at around 9:00PM.

Seminar By Dr. Nathan Meehan

Students and faculty members pose for a photgraph with Dr. Nathan Meehan in front of KFUPM's Research Institute.
Students and faculty members pose for a photograph with Dr. Nathan Meehan in front of KFUPM’s Research Institute.

On the 23rd of April 2015, Dr. Nathan Meehan, Senior Executive Advisor for Baker Hughes and Incumbent SPE President for 2016, delivered a talk to the students and faculty members of KFUPM.

The title of the talk was “Innovation through Collaboration – An Evergreen Need in Oil & Gas Industry”. In times of high product prices and record high activity levels there are different pressures for innovation than in times of low product prices where innovation is essential for survival. In this talk to KFUPM students and faculty, Dr. Meehan gave examples from his varied past in both O&G and outside to present an interesting and insightful collage of  innovations against changing backdrops from up-cycle to down-cycle, from boom years to bust years.  The message could be useful to students both who are entering academia or those seeking to join O&G industry.

April Lunch & Learn Event

Students take a group photo with Mr. Omar Ba-Wazir at SPE-KFUPM’s 3rd Lunch and Learn Event.

On the 15th of April, Mr. Omar Ba-Wazir, Acoustic Team Leader at Schlumberger delivered a seminar in the Petroleum Engineering Department at KFUPM.

The talk was titled “Detailed Rock Quality Properties Based on Cluster Analysis Procedures”. It started off at around 11:50AM. Mr. Ba-Wazir opened the talk by defining agglomerative clustering and cluster analysis. Moreover, he discussed the use of petrophysics to determine several properties of the rock including porosity, permeability, water saturation, etc. These properties are then used to form ‘Histogram Box Plots’, which are used to define the clusters. These clusters are then grouped by using one of three methods depending on which method fits the data best. These are Single Linkage, Complete Linkage, and Average Linkage

By performing this kind of analysis we can easily sort the rocks based on the best to worst rock properties, and eliminate the tedious work of going through raw well logs.

The talk concluded at around 12:30PM and the audience enjoyed lunch afterwards.

Weatherford Base Visit

SPE-KFUPM at the Weatherford base.
SPE-KFUPM at the Weatherford base.

On the 1st of April 2015, SPE-KFUPM organised a field trip to the Weatherford Base.

Specializing in innovative formation evaluation techniques, products and services that ensure well integrity and drilling reliability, novel reservoir completion and stimulation technology that optimizes recovery, and the industry’s leading portfolio of artificial lift products and production optimization capabilities, Weatherford develops and applies its specific technology, understanding and expertise to help its customers efficiently develop new resources and maximize recovery from producing reservoirs.

DGS March 2015 Dinner Meeting

"First Results from the APEX (Alpha - Lomonosov Ridge) Expedition to the North Pole" by Dr. Michael Kaminski. (DGS Monthly Dinner Meeting, 16th March 2015)
“First Results from the APEX (Alpha – Lomonosov Ridge) Expedition to the North Pole” by Dr. Michael Kaminski. (DGS Monthly Dinner Meeting, 16th March 2015)

On August 5, 2014, the KFUPM and Saudi flags flew over the North Pole, thanks to the participation of KFUPM scientist, Dr. Michael Kaminski from the Earth Sciences Department, onboard the ALEX (Alpha – Lomonosov Ridge) expedition from August – October 2014. Scientists from 10 countries representing 19 institutions set out on a 10-week expedition to the Arctic Ocean on board the German Icebreaker POLARSTERN. The expedition was led by Professor Ruediger Stein of the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, and was supported by major funding from the German National Science Foundation. The main goal of the expedition was to collect new geological and geophysical data that will allow us to obtain a more complete picture of the early history of the Arctic Ocean.

19th Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference

SPE-KFUPM at MEOS 2015 in Manama, Bahrain.
SPE-KFUPM at MEOS 2015 in Manama, Bahrain.

SPE-KFUPM Officers and members attend the 19th Middle East Oil & Gas Conference, and participate in the 2015 PetroBowl Middle East Regional Qualifier.

Inaugurated in 1979, MEOS is the most established exhibition of oil and gas products and services in the Middle East, attracting NOCs, IOCs and major operating companies. The conference, organised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), is the largest and best attended technical event of its kind in the region. At MEOS 2015 they combine to offer exceptional networking, business and educational opportunities to all professionals with an interest in the future of the Middle East’s hydrocarbon industry.

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