SPE eMentoring Program



eMentoring provides Young Professional members (under the age of 36) an opportunity to gain industry insight and career guidance from an industry expert.  University Student members have an opportunity to gain industry insight and academic direction from an experienced professional or a young professional.

To learn more about the program and request a mentor please visit https://ementoring.spe.org/p/p1/pages/1465.

If you have any additional questions please contact the eMentoring Administrator at: eMentor@spe.org, or contact Sandy Wilson at: swilson@spe.org.

Baker Hughes Dhahran Research & Technology Center Field Trip

SPE-KFUPM members at the DTRC
Students, Faculty Advisor, and host pose for a photograph at the Baker Hughes Dhahran Research & Technology Center (DTRC).

Thursday March 31st, 2016

The SPE-KFUPM Student Chapter organised a field trip to the Baker Hughes Dhahran Research & Technology Center.

From unconventional and deepwater resources to enhanced oil recovery (EOR), the Baker Hughes Dhahran Research and Technology Center (DRTC) in Saudi Arabia helps E&P companies in the Middle East address the region’s challenges by accelerating new upstream technology development and fostering collaboration. The 54,000-sq ft (5000-sq m) facility houses a full range of laboratory services, sophisticated testing equipment, and a diverse group of scientists and engineers, all focused on developing and transferring technology to improve drilling efficiency and optimize production from Middle East reservoirs. The center also serves as the Laboratory Headquarters for the Middle East Region Unconventional Teams for the development of tight gas and shale oil and gas resources (www.bakerhughes.com).

Annual Major Selection Day

Mr. Mustafa A. Al-Ramadhan inviting students to major in Petroleum Engineering.

Tuesday-Thursday March 29th-31st, 2016

SPE-KFUPM members volunteered in the Annual Major Selection Day. Major Selection Day is where new students are introduced to all the majors that the university offers as well as the possible future career aspects of these disciplines. Our task involved informing students about Petroleum Engineering (PETE), the background that the discipline requires, and kind of work environment fresh graduates can expect to work in.

“DRILLBOTICS 2015” Lunch & Learn Event

Students and Faculty Advisor pose for a group photo with Mr. Mohammad Al-Jubran after the Lunch & Learn Event.
Students and Faculty Advisor pose for a group photo with Mr. Mohammad Al-Jubran after the Lunch & Learn Event.

Thursday March 24, 2016

Mr. Mohammad Al-Jubran, a Workover Engineer from Saudi Aramco, delivered a seminar entiled “DRILLBOTICS 2015” to the SPE-KFUPM Student Chapter.

Mr. Al-Jubran placed 1st in the 2008 Saudi National Mathematics Olympiad. Joined the Aramco CPP Program in 2010. Placed 1st in the 2015 Drillbotics Competition. Published and presented the 1st Drillbotics University Competition paper in ATCE 2015: (ATCE174920-MS SPE Conference), titled “Design, Construction and Operation of an Automated Drilling Rig for the DSATS University Competition”. Graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Petroleum Engineering and, finally, joined Aramco in the Middle of 2015 and has been an active SPE YP&SO (Young Professionals & Student Outreach) officer since then.

Drillbotics (TM) is the combination of surface and downhole measurements combined with process control algorithms to automatically control oil well drilling machines to enable safer and more efficient drilling (www.drillbotics.com).

SPE eMentorship Program

Mr. Muhammed Al-Jubran from the SPE-KSA Introducing the SPE-KFUPM Students to the SPE eMemebership Program
Mr. Mohammad Al-Jubran from SPE-KSA introducing the SPE-KFUPM Student Chapter to the SPE eMentorship Program

Wednesday February 24, 2016

The SPE-KFUPM Student Chapter attended the first meeting for the eMentorship program held in the meeting room of the Petroleum Engineering department at KFUPM. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Mohammad Al-Jubran, an officer from the SPE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section (SPE-KSA), introduced the mentors and the mentees to the program, its objectives, expectations and what the mentors and mentees would focus on. After that, the mentees were assigned to their mentors and an open discussion was held beginning with self-introduction from the present mentors and mentees. During the meeting, refreshments were also served.

eMentoring is a distance mentoring program that enables participants to communicate at their convenience and across time zones. The program also gives SPE members a way to contribute to the E&P industry by sharing industry insights and practical career advice with young professionals, or by helping university students with academic and career direction. Young professionals also have the unique opportunity to serve as mentors to students. It’s easy to communicate via email, Skype, LinkedIn or other social media.

The 7th Saudi Arabia International Oil and Gas Exhibition (SAOGE 2015)

SPE-KFUPM at The 7th Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Exhibition (SAOGE 2015).
SPE-KFUPM at the 7th Saudi Arabia International Oil and Gas Exhibition (SAOGE 2015).

Wednesday November 25, 2015

The SPE-KFUPM Student Chapter organised a trip to the 7th Saudi Arabia International Oil and Gas Exhibition (SAOGE 2015). A bus picked up the students from the University Campus at around 8:20 in the morning and they returned by around 12:00 Noon.

As SAOGE continues to draw interest from the industry, the 7th Saudi Arabia International Oil and Gas Exhibition (SAOGE) will be held in Dammam between November 23-25, with more industry leaders, technical experts, professionals, and decision makers than ever before set to descend on Dhahran. Over 180 companies from 25 countries will host in excess of 8,000 visitors, as industry representatives arrive in Dammam to attend SAOGE 2015! SAOGE, throughout 6 editions with more than 1000 exhibitors brings quality, knowledge and experience to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia! (www.saoge.org)

1st Stage of the Scientific Contest

1st Stage of SPE-KFUPM's Scientific Contest.
Khaled Al-Azani supervising the 1st Stage of SPE-KFUPM’s Scientific Contest.

Wednesday November 11, 2015

At around 8:00 PM, SPE-KFUPM held the 1st Stage of the Scientific Contest. Around 16 participants were examined in an MCQ examination prepared by Khaled Al-Azani, Secretary of SPE-KFUPM. The questions were selected from a bank of past PetroBowl questions. The main purpose of the contest was to select possible candidates for next year’s PetroBowl which is scheduled to be held in Dubai, UAE. The prize money for the contestant who placed first was 1000 SR, 750 SR for second place, and lastly 500 SR for third place. After the event the participants helped themselves to some refreshments provided by SPE-KFUPM team.

The PetroBowl℠ Competition matches SPE student chapter teams against one another in a fast-paced quiz competition covering technical and non-technical aspects of the oil and gas industry.—SPE

Meeting with New Members of SPE-KFUPM & PETE Club

Mahmoud Zidane, SPE-KFUPM Chapter President, briefing the members on the upcoming events.

Sunday November 1, 2015

At 8:00 PM, students gathered in the student activity hall located in the student residence area in KFUPM. The purpose of the meeting was mainly to meet with the new members of the SPE-KFUPM Student Chapter and PETE Club at the university. During the meeting, the chapter and club president, Mr. Mahmoud Abdallah, talked to the students about the chapter and club plans for the year including the field trips and contests. He also encouraged the students for suggesting any activity to be held by the chapter and the club and he told them that he would love to hear from them for any suggestions. Furthermore, plans regarding participation in the upcoming student contest (PetroBowl) were discussed. Concluding the meeting students enjoyed a light dinner.