We Are Accepting New Members!

Dear KFUPM Students,

We would like to inform you that we have started accepting new members in our SPE-KFUPM chapter and our Petroleum Engineering Club (PEC). If you are ready to have a completely new experience, please consider joining us using the following link. Here are some very basic advantages that you will get when you join us:

  • Short Courses Related to the Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Attend Dinner Meetings and Meet the Leaders of the Industry.
  • Go on Field Trips and Visit Companies.
  • and even more!

Wait, do I need to attend every single meeting?
Short answer: NO! It’s always up to you.

Currently, we have 20 registered members! It’s time to grow!

NOTE 01: Registration is solely open for KFUPM students perusing an engineering degree, that is, whether you are studying Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical Engineering and any other discipline of engineering you are welcome.

NOTE 02: We are preparing a meeting for all of the students soon to review the annual plan and explain everything related to the club and SPE-KFUPM. Further details will be posted soon on our website and shared on Facebook.


SPE SAS February 2013 Dinner Meeting

DGS/SPE Joint Dinner Meeting Mr. Khalid A. Al-Falih , The President and CEO of Saudi ARAMCO

DGS/SPE Combined Dinner Hosting Mr. Khalid A. Al-Falih , The President and CEO of Saudi ARAMCO

The Society of Petroleum Engineers – Saudi Arabia Section (SPE-SAS) and The Dhahran Geoscience Society (DGS) arranged a combined dinner meeting on February 23, 2013 celebrating the 25 year Silver Anniversary of the DGS. Mr. Khalid A. Al-Falih, President and CEO of Saudi Aramco was the host of this marvelous event in which more than 200 professionals and students attended. KFUPM SPE officers and members were present as well in the event and had the chance to take a photo with Mr. Khalid A. Al-Falih.

SPE Registration Process in Details

There are many students who have faced some difficulties during the registration process in the website of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). In fact, the process is fairly easy and can be completed in about 10 minutes. This article is going to show you how to register in the website of SPE in step-by-step. There are instructions under each image in order to clarify the step, make you sure you follow them. You can always contact us in case there something still not clear to you. Continue reading

SPE KFUPM Student Chapter Website Launch!

We are delighted to welcome all distinguished visitors to SPE KFUPM Student Chapter Website. The website has been lunched in order to achieve a number of goals, one of the most important goals is to deliver the message of SPE to our community in King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. Please stay in contact with us to get all of our updates and upcoming events. Also, make sure that you are following us on both Facebook and Twitter.